As Diamanté Cherubs are a new company, they required to be introduced to the market in a new and innovative way. With little girls and mothers in mind, we designed a logo with extensibility -  meaning that it could be used with a different brand (i.e. dropping the flowers and changing this to sparkles). Initially, the company was very precise about what the wanted but this did not fit the overall company concept and had little to no extensibility.


Where & When


United Kingdom, July 2016 (ongoing)


About the company


Diamanté Cherubs is a family run children’s clothing designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, established in 2016. There elegant products range from sizes 0 to 7 years. The company specialised in hand-made pieces which are one of a kind, with only one 'cherub' wearing a specific outfit. They have a mission is to embrace elegance and encourage individuality in woman and girls.


What we did


  • Branding
  • Campaign material
  • Logo design
  • Web development and management


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